Our Organic Food Ingredients Categories

Whether you are starting your business, got together with your friends or are an established large company, it's important to us that you get to know our diverse products so you acquire just the right high-quality organic food ingredients you are looking for. Our natural ingredients come directly from organic growers cultivated in their country of origin. Find out more about the origin, production, nutritional values and more by clicking on each product.

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Our Agave Products are produced in Jalisco, Mexico, the best region where the agave plant grows natively and traditional methods are still being used. Obtained from the agave plant, that has been grown for a period of 4 to 8 years, the core of the agave plant is crushed to obtain the sap which is a sweet juice. This juice is healthy and rich in inulin, it can either be filtered and spray-dried to produce a fine white powder, Agave Inulin Powder, or it can go through a process of filtration and evaporation where no chemicals are added to obtain Organic Agave Syrup known as Agave Nectar.

Agave Inulin Powder is a soluble dietary fibre that promotes the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria. Known to be a great prebiotic with great health benefits such as calcium absorption.

Our organic natural Agave Syrups or Agave Nectar (Light and Dark) are rich in minerals and have a low Glycemic Index (GI). Agave Nectar is a healthy alternative sweetener that is characterized to be slowly metabolized. It is a perfect nectar for those who are looking for new flavours, unique recipes or simply looking to substitute cane sugar.


Cacao / Cocoa

Our Organic Cocoa or Cacao products are our customer's all-time favorite, which we obtain from premium quality Theobroma Cacao, organically grown in their land of origin. Containing a wealth of essential minerals and one of the richest sources of antioxidants of any food, our cacao is sourced from Peru and Ecuador. Farmers have received training on how to cultivate the Cacao using only organic farming techniques without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Cacao beans are extracted from the inside of the cacao pods and are broken into fragments to obtain Cacao Nibs, delicious cacao bites. By grinding the Cacao Nibs, Cacao Paste is produced also known as Cacao Liquor, once solidified we have 100% unsweetened bitter chocolate. The Cacao Paste is pressed to separate the cacao cake from the Cacao Butter, a white-yellowish and important ingredient that gives chocolate its creamy texture. The remaining cacao cake is then pulverized to become Cacao Powder - or pure Raw Cocoa.

Enjoy this Aztec and Mayan superfood for its health benefits, to create a wide variety of confectionary treats or to have a Cacao Ceremony.



Sourced from Sri Lanka & Philippines, where weather conditions are just perfect for coconut trees to develop their fullest nutritious potential. Our premium quality Coconut Products are natural healthy ingredients that can be added to any diet.

Coconut Flour is obtained after extruding the coconut oil from the flesh and later grinding into a fine powder. This 100% pure flour can be used to bake high quality, gluten-free, low carbohydrate foods.

Our Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, opposed to others in the market which are obtained from dried coconuts, is extracted by pressing the fresh coconut flesh of the just-opened coconuts, yielding a fresher and creamier oil.

If looking for natural sweeteners, Organic Coconut Nectar / Coconut Syrup and granulated Coconut Sugar are the best options. Obtained by tapping the coconut blossom, the nectar flows out and is ready to be served as it is or can be evaporated to produce a semi-solid brick that is granulated to produce Coconut Sugar, a light brown sugar rich in minerals and vitamins.


Gluten-Free Flours

Discover the different gluten-free flours we have for you, perfectly suited for baking goods each with its own unique qualities.

Organic Amaranth Flour provides sustained energy due to its complete protein profile featuring all essential and non-essential amino acids, as well as vitamins, minerals and fiber. It's a ready to use flour that can be used in smoothies, juices and baked goods.

Coconut Flour is obtained after extruding the coconut oil from the flesh and later grinding into a fine powder. This flour is high in fiber and expands during baking, often increasing in size by up to 50%. Organic Coconut Flour is very low in carbohydrates and has a low GI (Glycaemic Index).

Quinoa Flour is a high-protein superfood that contains all the essential amino acids, packed with B-group vitamins and minerals such as iron, magnesium and calcium. Our water-soluble Organic Quinoa Flour has a better digestibility and solubility and can be used to bake quinoa bread.



Get to know our certified organic nutrient-dense superfoods that provide a load of health benefits.

Superfoods are foods that are rich in compounds and are an important addition to our everyday diet in order to contribute to one's overall well-being.

Whether it's used as a vitamin booster to strengthen the immune system or to increase the intake of foods that contain high-level essential minerals, antioxidants and amino acids used for muscle endurance, stimulating the digestive system or as an energy booster, superfoods promote having a balanced and nurtured body. Discover each exceptional organic bulk food ingredients.



Our organic sweeteners can be used as natural alternatives from refined processed sugars. They are chemical free and can be used to sweeten a variety of dishes, beverages and many different recipes.

Panela Sugar, also known as Rapadura Sugar, derives from raw sugar cane and is different from regular sugar due to its manufacturing process.

Obtained from the sap of the agave or maguey plant, Agave Syrup or Agave Nectar has subtle non-alcoholic delicious agave flavour. A unique characteristic of this natural sweetener is that it's slowly metabolized and has a very low Glycemic Index (GI).

Our sweet flavoured Organic Coconut Sugar, and Coconut Nectar Syrup are both obtained from the nectar of the coconut palm blossom. They are great alternative sweeteners for people who are sensitive to fructuose since they are mostly composed of sucrose and are rich in vitamins and minerals.