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Energising ancient super-food with aphrodisiac qualities

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Botanical Name: Lepidium meyenni Walp

Root of empowerment from the Incas

In the Andean Mountains of Bolivia and Peru resides a magnificent plant that has been used for thousands of years. Archaeological sites have discovered primitive cultivations of Maca dating back to 1600 B.C.E. Domesticated and prized by the Incas 2,000 years ago, Maca powder helps increase energy, stamina, balance and nurture the body. It is also well known to increase libido.

This ancient super food is loaded with fibre, nutritious vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, including vitamins B1, B2, B, C, D, E, potassium, iron, magnesium copper, selenium, phosphorous and calcium. Maca root contains nearly sixty phytochemicals including glucosinolates and macamides that promote optimal functioning of the hypothalamus and pituitary master glands.

Maca powder can be used in smoothies, in baked goods or added to hot and cold drinks. Maca is a a sought-after ingredient in gluten-free baking by adding a a delicious taste while contributing with all its nutritious qualities.


More Information

Maca root (Lepidium meyenni Walp) has been used in indigenous Andean cultures for thousands of years. Cultivated in high mountains of Peru, it is used to increase stamina, boos libido and combat fatigue.

With an elevation of 3800–4400 meters above sea level, piercing sunlight, rocky soil, vicious winds, and below-freezing weather, it is one of the only rare food plants in the world to be capable of flourishing at such a high altitude and rough conditions.


maca plantMaca harvest season is in May. The Maca root is unburied from the soil by hand and placed in large sacks where two persons shake-off the dirt and leave the root bulbs soil-free. Maca grows as a native plant in the high planes of Peru with freezing temperatures and high winds.

The root is then washed, peeled and placed in a low-temperature dehydrator. After the moisture is extracted, the maca is pulverized and packed.

Maca Powder Nutrition Table Per Serve (5g) Per 100g
Energy 70.5kJ 1411kJ
Protein 0.7g 14g
Fat-total <1g <1g
   - saturated 0g <1g
Carbohydrate 3.5g 70g
   - sugars 1.6g 32g
 Sodium 2mg 39mg

Great super-food

Fresh product and great service, thank you Maretai.

Posted by Dubia on 15/03/2013
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Is Maca a raw food?

Yes, our Maca is obtained from fresh roots and it is a raw, dry product. The root bulb is separated from the leaves, peeled, pitted, washed and then the bulb is dehydrated at low temperature, below 35deg. The dry roots are then pulverized and packed.


Is Maca native to China?

No, Maca is native to the Andean mountains of Peru and Bolivia. China has taken a lot of interest in this root and has purchase massive amounts of it and has developed their own production.

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Maca Powder - Raw Organic


Maca Powder - Raw Organic

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Latest News

peruvian farmer

Walking in a road along the hillside of Junin in Central Peru. Members of the farming community in central Peru base their economy on the cultivation of this root which is harvested once a year.

  • October 2014

A group of local farmers forming cooperative cultivates maca root from several generations back and now has received training and assistance to meet international organic certification standards.

maca plant in soil

Extreme weather conditions in high altitude include high winds and freezing temperatures. This is the natural habitat for Maca. The leaves are also edible but the root is the part that holds most nutrients.

  • November 2014

Maca root is dehydrated and pulverized to form a fine powder that is used as flour for bread, cakes or pancakes. If fermented, a weak beer called chicha de maca may be produced.