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Arabica high-altitude from Mexico

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Botanical Name: Coffea Arabica

Quality Green Coffee Beans

There is only one thing that beats grinding your own coffee: roasting AND grinding your own coffee.
Cultivated in the high planes of southeast Mexican tropical climate, in the Mayan region of Chiapas near the Tacaná volcano close to Guatemala. A gourmet product by Maretai, only the best quality Arabica beans organically cultivated where climate conditions are just perfect to produce exceptional coffee.

Chiapas produces some of the very best and highest-grown Mexican coffee.

The typical fine Mexico coffee is analogous to a good light white wine — delicate in body, with a pleasantly dry, acidy snap. If you drink your coffee black and prefer a light, acidy cup, you will like these typical Mexico specialty coffee.

More Information

This product is available in Maretai brand 10kg kraft paper bags and also in 750g zip-lock retail packs.

imageCultivated in the high planes of southeast Mexican tropical climate, in the Mayan region of Chiapas near the Tacaná volcano.

The climate conditions in this region are ideal to produce a gourmet export product.

Maretai sources the green cacao beans from a cooperative in this region that cultivates Arabica type coffee following organic farming practices.

This product is ideal for coffee roasters who require the green bean or for coffee lovers would like to roast and grind their own coffee.


Lovely profile - amazing

Finished making my first cup of home roasted coffee. Could not be better.

Posted by Ramond on 10/03/2016
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Do I need a special machine to roast the coffee beans?

No, you can roast coffee beans at home using a pan or a simple roasting machine

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