Organic Coconut Flour

Ground from dried, defatted coconut meat


  • Organic Certified
  • Raw
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan
  • Kosher Certified
  • Fairly Traded
  • GMO Free

Botanical Name: Cocos Nucifera

Ground from dried, defatted coconut meat

Our gluten-free Coconut Flour is obtained as a side product from the coconut oil extraction process. After the coconut meat is pressed out from the flesh, the remaining solids are grounded. The final product is a fine powder that has numerous gastronomical uses. Coconut Flour is high in fiber and low in digestible carbohydrates, it is commonly used in gluten-free recipes for baking goods. It is considered a superfood due to the wide array of nutritional benefits.

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Coconut flour is obtained after extruding the coconut oil from the flesh and later grinding into a fine powder. This 100% pure flour can be used to bake high quality, gluten-free, low carbohydrate foods. This flour is high in fiber and expands during baking, often increasing in size by up to 50%. Coconut flour is also very low in carbohydrates and low GI (Glycaemic Index).
Per Serve (1 Tbsp, 15g) Per 100g
Energy 213kJ 1420kJ
Protein 4g 23.5g
Fat-total 2g 11.8g
- saturated 1g 6.91g
Carbohydrate 7g 44.7g
- sugars 3g 17.6g
Dietry Fiber 7g 47g
Sodium 18mg 117mg
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2 What is the carbohydrate content of coconut flour?
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