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What is the difference between cacao and cocoa?

Some people refer to Cacao as the powder version without sugar or additives..

In Latin American countries such as Mexico and Peru, the plant is known as "cacao" but when in powder form it is refered to "cocoa".

Cacao is the closest sound to the original word used by the indigenous population and adapted into the spanish vocabulary by early colonizers.

There is a very likely version that somewhere in the early 15th century a typo with the translation into English from the Spanish word "Cacao", written "Cocoa" (which is also pronounced easier in English). In modern times, you can ask someone in Peru or Mexico for "cocoa" or "cacao en polvo" (cacao in powder). They will understand both ways and refer to the same thing.

Recently the cacao powder has been used in the USA and Australia to identify pure powder without sugar or anti-caking agents.

Does the word Maretai have a meaning?

Founder Paolo Grossi worked in countryside New Zealand in a beach called Marae-Tai, which in Maori language means "meeting place by the sea". A few years later when the business was born, this was the name that was chosen for the company.

What is the difference between dark and light agave syrup?

The only difference is the degree of filtration. Dark agave syrup is is less filtrated so it has a richer, more fruity taste. Light agave syrup is more neutral and ideal as a sugar substitute.

Is agave syrup the same as agave nectar?

Yes, agave nectar and agave syrup is the same product.

  • As far as we know this product is called in other countries:
    • Jarabe de Agave (Mexico)
    • Miel de Agave (Mexico)
    • Sirope de Agave (Spain)
    • Agave Nectar (US) + Agave Syrup (US, Australia)

What is the Glycemic Index of agave syrup?

The GI, or Glycemic Index of agave syrup depends on the fructose content. Standard syrup contains between 70% and 90% of fructose. Agave syrup has a GI of 27. The reference is pure Glucose which has a GI of 100. Cane sugar (sucrose) has a GI of 68. Golden syrup 63. .

Does cacao liquor contain alcohol?

No, it does not. It is sometimes referred to Cacao Liquor because during the manufacture process, the cacao beans are ground and liquefied (made liquid) and thus the name Liquor..

What are other names for Cacao Paste?

Cacao Mass, Cacao Liquor, Baking Chocolate, Unsweetened Chocolate.

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